About Us

We democratize product discovery.

At Shopalyst, we are re-imagining how digital consumers discover and purchase products they love. We are building the technology and data infrastructure that help friction free purchases from any digital moment that inspires shopping.

Product Knowledge Graph

We index information from sites, apps and content that foster product discovery. Given the large volume and the dynamic nature of the data, we use a massively parallel data processing architecture supported by machine learning.

Product Aware Internet

We enable programmatic access to a set of product information services to make any app product aware. Our API offers the simplest way for brands, publishers and developers to integrate commerce natively in their app environments.

Distributed Commerce

Our universal Buy button activates product discovery and purchase from any digital experience using a remote checkout service. This makes it easy to untether the shopping cart from a retailer's store and sell on any site or app that is product aware.

Our Team

Our team of engineers, marketers and creative professionals is passionate about how data and technology are shaping our world. We are maniacally focused on serving our global customers with a marketing platform that is reliable and easy to use. We enjoy building internet scale applications where high performance, security, reliability and self-management drives almost every decision that we take.

Our founding team has worked together on several original ideas that are commercialized at scale. Our work powers some of the world’s best brands  – Unilever, P&G, Adidas, Nordstrom, Target, Sears and Waitrose to name a few. Besides global adoption, our innovations are cited by MIT Tech Review, Businessweek, Fast Company among others. We have four patents to our credit. Our company is backed by Kalaari Capital.

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If you love the business of brands and are passionate about data and technology, and enjoy a friendly work culture in a growing start-up, explore our Careers page, or get in touch with us.

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