From Scrolling to Social Commerce

Keep an eye on your brand’s share of voice on popular social media using insights from our platform. Target with more precision leveraging our curated audiences and find people who are actively interested in what your brand has to sell. Automate activation of campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using our universal ad builder, and drive sales from shoppable landing pages.

Meet the right people

Combining precision targeting with automated ad activation, your ads meet people in moments that matter. Our cross platform integrations helps you expand reach for your brand across all social channels.

Personalize your conversation

Leveraging audience signals from our platform, brands can now personalize ads - creative, copy and CTA. For example, new users could see a video ad while brand shoppers can be served a product carousel ad.

Activate social commerce

Get your ads to drive product discovery and purchases from formats like carousels, collections and catalog sales. Activate post click experiences that extend the social moment with a well orchestrated shopping journey.

See what Shopalyst can do for you

We have made it easier than ever to connect people with products they love. See how you can activate discovery commerce for your brands in under 60 minutes.

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