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Using machine learning, we automatically organize the most relevant shopping traits for your brand. We take into account product descriptions, packaging content, expert and consumer reviews for your products and the best sellers from your competition. Our audience data management platform helps connect you with people who are actively researching or considering a purchase in your category.

Acquire first-party audience

Acquire first-party audience data leveraging user actions on your brand's digital assets and on media platforms, and organize segments based on interest, behavioral and purchase intent traits.

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Organize third party audience

Find the best audiences on media platforms by matching brand shopper traits with corresponding keywords (ex: Google Ads) and interests (ex: Facebook).

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Curate custom intent audiences

Create a library of brand audiences that your campaigns can use in a consistent manner on all media platforms where you advertise.

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“Shopalyst helps us acquire first party data that makes a huge difference in our precision marketing initiative”
Audience Specialist Leading digital agency

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