Audience Targeting & Data Management Strategy

Using Brand Traits to target beyond demographics

Brands look to connect with new and existing customers across a diverse digital world of social, video and content platforms. To manage the maze of targeting options available on different platforms, marketers must first find a way to understand consumer intent that closely match their brand attributes.

Start with your brandĀ 

Using machine learning, our platform automatically organizes the most relevant shopping traits for your brand using third and first party data. We take into account product descriptions, packaging content, expert and consumer reviews for your products and the best sellers from your competition.

Brand Shopper Traits

Media platform audience through your brand lens

Our advanced audience targeting helps connect you with people who are actively researching or considering a purchase in your category. For example, our platform recommends a custom intent audience for your Google Ads campaigns (Search, YouTube and Display) by curating the most relevant keywords that match the brand shopper traits. We offer a similar capability for Facebook and Instagram as well.

First party audience through your brand lensĀ 

Our audience SDK (available natively in our shoppable landing pages, or can be installed on your brand sites and apps) profiles every user action (visits, views, consideration, conversions) and tags users with brand shopping traits that best match the action. For example, if a user purchases a organic shampoo she is automatically tagged with attributes (like category, ingredients, preferences etc). This is passed on as event information in the audience tags and pixels that gets fired to platforms like Facebook and Google. This helps brands build custom audience segments using their own first party user data.

Getting data to work for you

This approach offers a scaleable combination of first party and third party audiences to target with precision in every campaign, on every platform. Campaigns that use first party intent-based targeting deliver up to 3X higher brand awareness, consideration and sales lift.

Targeting beyond demographics. Simplified.
Kiran Nair Product Lead