Case Studies

Personalized conversations leveraging first party data

HIGHLIGHT 2.5X higher engagements - clicks, content views and sell through


The brand wanted to target audiences with specific needs with the right creative and conversation. The creative, copy and product recommendations required personalization to the audiences being targeted.


The brand identified specific audience segments to target using custom intent signals on popular media platforms. They also leveraged brand first party data acquired and organized by our audience manager. Using Shopalyst Studio, the brand set up segment specific landing page elements along with relevant products to feature. Different ad-sets were set up to target these audiences with the CTA URLs pointing to the corresponding landing page.


Given the sharp targeting and relevance of creative/ content, this campaign delivered 2.5X higher engagements - clicks, content views and sell through. These shoppers were also automatically profiled and added to the brand’s addressable audiences on all media platforms.