Defining Discovery Commerce

D2C for Consumer Brands : Omni-channel Discovery Commerce

Large multi-channel brands are seeing big changes in consumer behaviors – both on media consumption and shopping.

While brand discovery and activation of a shopping moment is now largely digital when consumers are searching and scrolling, the choice of where they buy is often contextual.

If it is a product that one can purchase as a stand-alone order (say a pair of sneakers from Nike) – then people prefer buying it from the brand’s official D2C store.

On the other hand, if the product is normally purchased as part of a larger shopping basket (for example, a bottle of shampoo) – consumers would find it convenient to compare prices and add-to-cart on an e-commerce site of their choice.

If the product satisfies an instant need (for example ice-cream during mid-afternoon) – shoppers will find it super useful if they could find a retail store nearby to make the purchase.

Show them a way, and they will shop

Consumer brands should make it easy for consumers to discover products they love on all digital media, and offer a choice of shopping options – own D2C, e-marketplaces or offline stores.

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