Landing Page Strategy

Get better Quality Scores for your PPC campaigns on Google Ads

Defining the Quality Score

Google defines Quality Score as a diagnostic tool meant to give you a sense of how well your ad quality compares to other advertisers.

This score is measured on a scale from 1-10 and available at the keyword level. A higher Quality Score means that your ad and landing page are more relevant and useful to someone searching for your keyword, compared to other advertisers.

Why is this important?

You can use the Quality Score diagnostic tool to identify where it might be beneficial to improve your ads, landing pages, or keyword selection. Higher quality scores would lead to two things – lower prices and better ad placements.

Ad Relevance is a key factor

Using the right keywords in ad groups and then connecting them to the right ads is the most important tool in increasing search ad relevance. Shopalyst Brand Knowledge Graph suggests the most effective keywords for your brand that need paid search support. This is based on traits and attributes of the best selling products in your category and the corresponding popular Google search keywords.

Shopalyst Audience Explorer

Shopalyst can also automatically create ad groups and ads based on these keywords and bring it up for you to just review, modify as appropriate and go live with a click. This is made possible using our API integration with Google Ads.

Ad Landing page experience matters

Shopalyst no-code landing page builder makes it easy to craft brilliant brand experiences that help optimize the Quality Score. The top three capabilities for brands include :

Personalization : Based on the keywords that are in play, we can bring in a different set of copy, creatives and products so that the landing page has the most useful elements for the user who is looking for information specific to the keyword she searched.

Experimentation : By automatically organizing all brand content in one place, Shopalyst offers a easy drag-n-drop interface that help marketers build multiple variants of the landing page, and run A/B tests to identify the one that works best.

Search friendly, super fast template : Shopalyst offers a search friendly landing page template that is blazing fast. Without heavy event tags, it usually gets a 95+ score on a lighthouse performance test, to give you an idea.

The above is from one of our search landing pages which uses the light, super fast search friendly template. This page can have a video or an image banner as the hero creative, then a list of products and even some text to follow at the bottom. This layout helps to enforce landing page best practices – the hero creative is present to answer the search query, followed by a carousel to help discovery of related products, finally a call to action for shopping, all above the fold. Last but not the least, please ensure that you are using the least number of event tags / tag managers in landing pages – unless you are ready to bear the cost in terms of performance. Every Shopalyst page comes with a switch with which you can turn off event tags. You can use this to see the effect of event tags on performance.

Keep in mind

While there is no single silver bullet to get a higher Google search quality score, one should understand what factors contribute to it and work towards making constant improvements.

Mohan Kumar Krishnan Co-founder & CTO