Landing Page Strategy

Craft brilliant brand experiences that are shoppable

In most shopping categories, the hard truth is digital consumers have unlimited choice and limited attention. Brands compete and jostle their way in to a user’s viewport, often only to get scrolled away without even stealing a glance.

To get to thumb-stopping ads, brands need to cut through the clutter and reach their audiences through precision targeting , good timing and great creatives. However, that is just half way there – you still need to engage them with post click content that drives commerce.

Shopalyst Studio is built for marketers to craft and serve a unique landing page experience for every ad click – all with a click, drag and drop with no coding.

Our easy templates offer optimized shopping journeys for various ad types, and our integrations help you embed pre-authorized content from your brand’s presence on popular media and e-commerce platforms.

Our widget library includes shopping actions, social media embeds, video, chat, voice, AR/VR, surveys and more to help you craft landing pages that suit your ad and audience requirements.

You can instantly take these pages live without the need for any tech support. Our ad landing pages are hosted on our infrastructure provisioned for low latency loading and responsive rendering on all devices.

Go ahead and activate frictionless shopping from ad clicks by directing users to a page that offers experiential commerce.

Sreekanth Nayar Product Lead