Digital Advertising Strategy

Activate Full Funnel Marketing from Google Ads

Shopalyst offers key capabilities necessary for marketers to maximize the return on their spends on Google Ads.

  • Brand Knowledge Graph – Identify and target the best audiences for your brand on Google

  • Discovery Commerce Ad Templates – easy way for brands and agencies to automate and scale precision marketing on Google Ads

  • Shoppable Landing Pages – Activate brand curated omni-channel shopping experience from search, display and video ads

  • Full Funnel Reporting – Get a full funnel view of all your Google ad campaigns

Get the best audiences on Google

Custom intent combined with purchase intent signals for precision targeting

Our Brand Knowledge Graph tracks the best selling products in the brands’s shopping category, and uses machine learning to identify product traits that shoppers are buying into. These are matched with popular keywords on Google Search to help create custom intent targeting that works best for the brand. Combining this with the brand’s first party data (acquired from shopping actions on our landing pages), advertisers can now significantly increase their targeting precision on Google Ads.

Discovery Commerce Templates for automated ad set-up and delivery

Discovery Commerce Ad Templates

Our API integrations with Google Ads and friendly templates makes it easy to activate full-funnel ad campaigns in three simple steps.

One – start with your creative asset.
Two – tag it with related products.
Three – preview your ads and landing pages and go-live.

It is that simple.

Activate an omni-channel shopping experience from ad clicks

Shopalyst makes it easy for brands to craft brilliant brand experiences using our no-code landing page builder. And by using our optimized ad templates for search, display and video – it is easier than ever before to meet digital consumers in moments that matter and connect, engage and sell in one seamless journey.

Landing page templates

With ready to use widgets for D2C, comparison shopping and store locators – it literally takes minutes to activate an omni-channel path to purchase.

Omnichannel path to purchase from ad landing pages

Get a full funnel view of your ad performance

Our integrations pull in real-time data on your campaigns running on Google Ads.

Full Funnel Reporting

Our friendly data dashboard organizes actionable insights in a unified view across the marketing funnel. We track key metrics on your campaign performance and offer insights based on benchmark data. This helps you take the right action to optimize your ad delivery.