Digital Advertising Strategy

Market insights to back your marketing intuition

With consumers rapidly evolving to a digital first lifestyle, advertising and commerce have followed suit and shifted online more than ever before. Brands will need to orchestrate their advertising and promotional efforts in line with what digital consumers are seeing, searching and buying.

Annual/Quarterly marketshare modeling is necessary, but will need to be augmented with a more real time view of brand and competitor activity to ensure timely action that helps maximize return on A&P spends.

Shopalyst Brand Knowledge Graph

4 Key Metrics

Our Brand Knowledge Graph leverages in-market signals to model and report the following key metrics :

1. Sales Velocity

This score is based on the share of shelf for a brand in a category across various e-commerce sites computed based on key signals that are surrogates for market share.

2. Discoverability

This score is based on the share of search for a brand for popular keywords that shoppers often use in when they are seeking solutions (Google search) or shopping (e-commerce search) in the category.

3. Visibility

This score is based on the share of voice for a brand through advertising on video/social media platforms as well as on shopping sites. This is measured based on incremental viewership of brand posts, videos, banners plus the reactions of consumers through likes, shares, reviews and ratings.

4. Buyability

This score measures the impact of pricing and discounts and is based on how well the brands’ products are priced in comparison with substitutable peers in the category.

Tracking these metrics over a timeline offers actionable insights for marketers to make decisions like media and promotional planning. For example, a drop in share of search for the brand can be used as a trigger to consider paid search support for specific keywords that the brand is lagging. Our unique algorithm spots such opportunities and makes timely recommendations that can be instantly translated into a media campaign leveraging our ads automation.

In essence, timely information allows you to take timely action to defend and grow your marketshare, and Shopalyst can help you use data and automation to build brands and drive sales.

Market Intelligence. Simplified.
Sreejith Narayanan Product Lead